Learning to Share

As an entrepreneur of 20+ years, turned venture capitalist for the last decade, I’m passionate about investing to accelerate innovation and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Yet the older I get the more I realize I have to learn.  And because one of the best ways to learn is to teach, I am developing classes and workshops such as Startup Secrets for institutions like Harvard, that are shared here.

So my goals on this site are to:  

Provide frameworks like Startup Secrets to empower Entrepreneurs, including Videos, Slideshows and Articles

Bring these to life with an expanding library of real world Case Examples.

Seek out thought leadership in industry areas where I invest such as 

Foster collaboration and sharing of best practice among the terrific entrepreneurs and executives who I'm lucky enough to work with and invest in as well as connect with and support the next generation of founders.

What can you do in return? 

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feed anonymously to get updated posts
  2. Sign up for information on new classes and workshops and to let us know who you are  
  3. Give feedback here and throughout the site on whatever other areas you would find useful

I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to collaborating with you to accelerate innovation and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs!

Best, Michael


  • 24 July 2014

    Breaking Down the Barriers to Cloud Adoption

    The cloud – that metaphorical place on the Internet where businesses increasingly store their data and run their applications – is here to stay. Now that we’ve had a taste of what it means to access our information via computer, phone, or tablet wherever we are, we’re quickly advancing toward a tipping point where cloud-service offerings become the norm for organizations and individual across the globe.

  • 21 July 2014

    Keep the Cloud's Progress in Perspective

    James Connolly, Editor in Chief for Enterprise Cloud Site, notes  that the results of North Bridge’s Future of Cloud Computing survey support both the conclusion that cloud computing has come a long way, and that we have a long way for cloud adoption to grow. Connolly remarks that while there has been a dramatic increase in the adoption of SaaS in a short period of time, adoption has been driven by upgrading like-for-like applications, as opposed to switching to new, cloud-enabled services (the “first cloud front”). Moving forward, SaaS adopters are more likely to be new business units or entirely new companies (like Uber) rather than established incumbents.

  • 17 July 2014

    Cloud 2.0 Promises To Transform, Disrupt Industries

    Enterprise Tech Senior Editor George Leopold reports that the second cloud front, “cloud 2.0,” is giving rise to entirely new applications and businesses capable of transforming entire industries. This new front promises to have a profound effect on manufacturing and design, as the cloud's computing capacities combine with other new technological developments such as 3-D printing. The report cites several companies that are already engaging in simultaneous design and collaboration across time zones, testing and validating design prototypes prior to moving to the manufacturing phase.